Quality of delivery

You can never learn enough about the people you partner with

At Lumesse we understand that great business relationships are built on trust over time.

The best, most successful partnerships depend on open dialogue and ongoing debate.

Over the past 10 years we’ve developed, long-lasting relationships with the companies we partner with by being inquisitive enough to ask tough questions, bold enough to try new things and determined enough to deliver meaningful change.

But don’t just take our word for it; talk to anyone we work with.

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Portfolio of services

Supporting employees at every stage of their career

Our range of learning services enable businesses to identify, nurture, educate and develop employees.

Our learning solutions deliver award-winning bespoke e-learning programmes and world-class Off-the-Shelf content from a range of leading content suppliers. We also offer learning technologies including authoring tool; Lumesse CourseBuilder and our Learning Management System; Lumesse Learning Gateway.

Our talent management solutions support organisations from recruiting and onboarding, through to performance management and succession planning.

Our learning services include:

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Ahead of the game

We know where learning is going

As a global learning provider we understand the challenges faced by organisations across the globe every day. To give our clients the experience they and their employees deserve, we make sure we’re keeping ahead of the game to help businesses attract, retain and develop high-performing people.

In response to customer demand for a more visual and iterative way of designing learning content, we devised a collaborative Wireframing approach. This helps our clients get a clear vision of their learning programme while keeping stakeholders fully engaged.

From as early as 2008 we started to enable dynamic learning academies through configurable LMS portals. The Lumesse Learning Gateway LMS platform is one of the first to provide users with the option of creating and curating content for their learning audiences.

And we won’t stop there; our dedicated team is always striving to bring you the most up-to-date and relevant approaches and technologies to give organisations the best solution possible.

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Lumesse Learning blog

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