How far from perfect is your learning mix today?

By Carole Bower

702010This summer we’re getting to the heart of what Learning Transformation programmes really mean for L&D

Tell us if we’re wrong here, but from where we’re standing, much of the work L&D experts have seen on Learning Transformation so far has actually been about delivering change management.

Scratch away at almost any success story or analysis focused on Learning Transformation and you’ll usually uncover a process of L&D recalibration, with classic cost or time saving arguments used to add authority to the piece. All of this may well demonstrate effective, efficient change management, but can we really call this Learning Transformation?

We think “Learning Transformation” needs to be defined with a bit more rigour

Too many half-hearted attempts at definition in the past have resulted in bad planning, shoddy execution and wasted resource. Could it be that Learning Transformation is just yet another industry buzzword that will benefit from further definition? This summer we’re taking on the challenge. Here’s how we’re going to do it.

First, we’ll put 70:20:10 at the heart of the Learning Transformation argument

Industry wide, the 70:20:10 mix has become almost universally accepted as the most effective learning mix in the business. So we think it stands to reason that the best planned Learning Transformation programmes need to make achieving the right balance between formal and informal learning their end goal.

Then, we’ll establish the real learning mix that exists across the learnscape today

This is the challenging part. If we want to roadmap the best route towards optimising the learning mix, it helps to know where we’re all starting from. We’ll need your help, but the results we generate together via our study will, for the first time, establish the real blend that exists in the learning mix for most businesses right now.

Finally, we’ll pinpoint the key drivers that are powering effective Learning Transformation programmes towards 70:20:10 today

This is the clever part. Ascertaining how closely aligned to 70:20:10 most businesses are right now is useful, but being able to pinpoint the learning interventions that are supporting the most optimised L&D programmes is better.

Our super-simple collaborative survey will take just a couple of minutes to complete, but the findings it uncovers will inform Learning Transformation programmes for good. Why? Because we’re going to identify the real learning outputs that are most effective in the most optimised learning blends present in business today. The fresh insights we uncover will help e-learning professionals prioritise programmes and better define the Learning Transformation roadmaps we all develop.

Join us

Whether or not you’re starting a new Learning Transformation programme we’d like you to benefit from the fresh insights our summer study uncovers – and the good news is we’re just getting started. The “achieving perfect balance in L&D” launch date is just days away and will continue through the summer. Follow our blog or Twitter feed to keep up to date, and participate to be first to learn the new insights we uncover on the way.