Swiftly compare your learning mix with the best in the business

By Carole Bower

Meeting RoomIf you didn’t already know, 70:20:10 is supposed to be the ideal learning mix we should all be striving to achieve, but the audience tends to be silent when asked how they actually plan to realise the perfect balance between informal and formal learning.

This summer we’re focused on just one bright idea: Let’s help Learning & Development (L&D) professionals define the learning mix they’re working with today, then chart out the route map that all of us can use to achieve a better balance in workplace learning.

None of us will achieve the perfect learning mix on our own

Our super-simple collaborative survey takes just a couple of minutes to complete, but the findings it uncovers will inform learning transformation programmes for good. Why? Because we’re going to identify the real learning outputs that are most effective in the most optimised learning blends present in business today. The fresh insights we uncover will help e-learning professionals prioritise programmes and better define the learning transformation roadmaps we all develop.

Want to be amongst the first to benefit from the perfect balance route map we create this summer?

From today, right through to September, we’re asking thousands of learning professionals just like you to take part in the achieving perfect balance programme: just click here and take three minutes to answer just a few questions. The new “10 point roadmap to balancing formal with informal learning” download that your insights help us create will be offered exclusively to everyone who takes part.

Get started achieving the perfect balance now.