Less than 5% of companies use 70:20:10 as their learning mix

By Carole Bower

702010It’s the perfect blend that most experts say L&D professionals should be trying to deliver into the workplace, but for the vast majority of companies that have participated in our Learning Transformation study  so far, realise that 70:20:10 isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

50:26:24 is the average learning mix in most companies right now

It’s early days and we’ve got a long way to go, but when we crunched the first numbers on our new study, we could see that the current average mix of training in the L&D industry is actually:

  • 50% via ‘on the job learning’
  • 26% through ‘informal training’
  • 24% from ‘formal training’

What’s coming next?

It’s not just the absence of 70:20:10 in the workplace that is intriguing.  It’s the fact that most L&D professionals don’t seem to believe that providing learning support in these proportions is the priority for their particular business.

So far, the evidence that is coming out of our study suggests that:

  • Everyone agrees with the basic hierarchy established by 70:20:10
  • L&D professionals struggle to differentiate  between resources that will support formal learning outcomes and resources that will support informal learning outcomes
  • The actual training mix that exists  in organisations today differs dramatically between business sectors (some sectors are much closer to 70:20:10 than others)

Want to know more?

We’re gathering evidence from L&D professionals across the industry right now. If you’d like to find out how your organisation compares just click here  to take part in our simple survey. It genuinely takes under five minutes to complete.

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