Lumesse Earns Double Award!

By Lucy Welland

Mobile and DevicesOn 10 September 2014, we announced that Lumesse and Vodafone had been awarded Silver at the Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards 2014. This week, the Learning Content team were in high spirits yet again with a double win at the Elearning Awards. The awards, which took place in London’s Mayfair on 6 November, showcased examples of great e-learning that is being delivered across the globe.

At this event, Lumesse and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) were awarded Bronze in the ‘Best e-learning project – public sector’ category. This award is a new category for 2014 and seeks to recognise where excellence across the board, in terms of content, use of technology, and matching design to user and organisational needs, has led to a lasting, measurable and positive impact.
The Management Development Programme seeks to mature managers at the CPS by combining face-to-face classes with e-learning and reflective activities. Completion of the programme can lead to a nationally-recognised qualification.

Lumesse and their client Vodafone with their partner Oxford SM were then awarded Bronze in the ‘Best blended learning’ category. This award is also a new category for 2014 and is awarded for examples of outstanding blended learning, in which e-learning and other strategies and media have been applied to complement each other to achieve an overall organisational goal.

The blended programme helped to revolutionise the marketing function at Vodafone, across 21 countries. The project used E-magazine introductions to generate excitement. Workshops and Deep Dive sessions reinforced practical application of the learnings as well as bringing groups of marketers and leaders together. In addition to this, the transfer to work was then supported by a Bespoke Learning portal and webinars.

Andrea Miles, director of Bespoke Learning content at Lumesse said, “We are delighted with the awards and are very grateful to Vodafone and CPS for being such great Clients to work with.”

Congratulations to the learning team!