Lumesse leader brings marketing expertise to digital learning

By John Helmer

Andrea_Miles appearance in e.learning age magazineGreat to see that ‘unquenchable source of energy and enthusiasm’, our own Andrea Miles, profiled in this month’s e.learning age magazine (pg 36). ‘I am most happy,’ says Andrea, ‘when I am in front of a client who has a pain and they don’t have a solution’.

Those solutions increasingly draw on her roots in advertising, as the line between learning and comms becomes more and more blurred – a phenomenon much remarked on in our recent Think Tank event (highlights can be downloaded here). Andrea’s background in digital has no doubt been an influence in placing Lumesse Learning at the vanguard of a change in the learning content industry, which has seen greater use of non-course-based content such as video explainers, L-books, infographics and learning portals alongside off-the-shelf and bespoke elearning content. Delegates to the Think Tank talked about the new breed of content companies that are shaking up the supplier market and Lumesse Learning, with Andrea at the helm, is proud to be a prime mover in this change.

Listening to learners could be transformative for L&D

By John Helmer

Man holding sign saying 'Think Tank'‘We make huge assumptions about our audiences and we don’t do anywhere near enough validation of those assumptions. This is something that we really want to focus on now. It’s all about user experience and really getting some proper data … who are our audience? Who is it we’re trying to reach? What kind of people are they? What are their backgrounds? What are they like? What are they not like? How do they want to learn? Instead of looking at a model that might tell us what they think that is 30 years old, let’s actually speak to our learners and really try and understand them. I think that is, potentially, a huge transformation for learning.’

This impassioned plea for a change of attitude in L&D towards learners was just one of a number of insights that arose from our latest Think Tank dinner.

We could be at a pivotal moment for L&D. Though there has been chatter within the guru space for many years about informal learning and 70:20:10, a number of compelling drivers are making it imperative that practitioners now think beyond the confines of the course (if they are not doing so already). This is causing them to focus more deeply on how they connect with and engage learners – but also to change the way in which learning is structured and delivered.

We assembled an invited group of L&D leaders to discuss these issues in a three-part discussion held under Chatham House rules. Contributing to the debate were delegates from the worlds of Finance, Mining, Telecomms, IT and commodity trading.

You can read headlines of the discussion here.

But for those who want a deep dive into the first part of this fascinating discussion, read on.

Part 1: What are the drivers of change as we move towards less reliance on ‘the course’?

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How to drive maximum adoption for your digital learning programme

By Steve George

Diagram explaining the AIDA acronymPicture the scene …

You’ve been working hard. You’ve spent months building up to this event (if only everyone knew the sacrifices you’d made!). Everything comes down to this moment.

Last week you pressed the button and launched your career-defining, world-changing, learner-enhancing, company-building, brain-expanding digital learning programme, and now, with trembling hands and a heart pounding with excitement, you are going in to get the reports to show what a massive earthquake of an impact it’s had …

Only it hasn’t.

Never mind an earthquake, your career-defining, world-changing, learner-enhancing, etc. course hasn’t even created a modest tremor. Surely this can’t be right! No-one has even looked at it?

You run the report again, double-checking all your parameters, and find that yes, it’s true … not a single person has so much as cast a glance at it.

Imagine the crushing disappointment! How did this happen?

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Introducing The Curve, the magazine for digital learning

By John Helmer

Cover of The Curve Magazine (detail)At Lumesse Learning we love to pioneer with new content types, such as L-books, explainers, online video and curated content. But that doesn’t mean the more traditional forms have to disappear: we still create and provide courses – thousands of them – and are strong advocates for the absolutely central role that face-to-face contact plays alongside digital learning.

And when it comes to keeping the learning community informed about the latest news, thinking and innovative developments, we may use blogging, infographics and online video, but that doesn’t mean we turn our backs on old school media. In particular, we love magazines!

So meet the newest addition to our ‘media mix’: The Curve. Launched at our highly popular fringe event, the Learning Lounge, which ran alongside the Learning Technologies exhibition this year, it’s crammed full of interesting, nutritious and fun content, including articles from our expert learning team, but also external contributors such as Clive Shepherd and Ed Scruton. The magazine is intended to be a quarterly publication, with the next release this Spring.

Contact us with your address if you’d like a print copy sent to you – or you can download The Curve here (PDF)

Contents panel from The Curve Magazine

Contents page from The Curve – how can you resist!