L&D skills gaps the chief barrier to progress in learning analytics

By John Helmer

Graphic to illustrate Learning Analytics theme with graphs, etc. in a thought bubbleCapability gaps, and a historical culture of not evaluating training, are seen as major barriers to success in learning analytics for L&D. Learning analytics offers L&D a wealth of new opportunities it was found, but our Think Tank delegates identified nine key challenge areas.

Lumesse Think Tank events are held with an invited group of L&D leaders, who discuss issues in learning under Chatham House rules. Contributing to this debate were delegates from the worlds of finance, logistics, FMCG, mining, pharmaceuticals, professional services and commodities trading.

Download a highlights report of the whole discussion.

And for a deep dive into the section on challenges, read on as we address the following question:

Where are the biggest challenges/barriers for L&D in learning analytics?

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