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5 ways that learning content is changing

By Amelia Fuell

Colourful image of a head made up of boxes which are moving and evolving into something elseIn our recent whitepaper, ‘The Future of Learning Content‘ we investigated the ways in which learning content was evolving, as well as the implications for L&D departments, and the practical steps they might take to create a winning content strategy. Here are some insights taken from the whitepaper around how content is changing.

Technological innovation is changing the ways that we produce, deliver and consume learning content. The traditional self-paced e-learning course is in decline, and we are moving towards a mobile-centric, multi-format digital-learning paradigm where learner engagement is key. Here are the main 5 ways we found that content is changing: Continue reading

Five important tips that will help you engage learners with HSE training

By Harriet Croxton

lum_photography_human_2015_014Here is a great blog post from Toby Roberts from our HSE content partner, Safety Media.

Health and Safety training is part and parcel of any business, big or small and it is essential for employers to provide this training for their employees. However, like much in life, the most important tasks are annoyingly often the ones we consider the most boring.

When it comes to learning, there has been much advancement over the years, from early CD Roms, video tapes and DVDs, through to e-learning and a more recent trend towards mobile learning.

Despite technological advances in the delivery of this type of training, is still considered by many as boring. Perhaps it’s due to its mandatory nature or the generic, long winded content that’s not always relevant to our own working environment or the duties that form part of our individual roles. It is therefore no surprise that people switch off at the mere mention of ‘online off-the-shelf training’ never mind ‘health and safety’- put these together and you’ve lost their attention completely. Continue reading

The challenge of mobile learning content

By John Helmer

Illustration of happy learners using mobile learningResearch from Towards Maturity shows that two out of three learners find accessing mobile learning essential or very useful, and 57% like to be able to access learning on the go.

Meanwhile in the US, where 50% of the US workforce holds a job that is compatible with at least partial telework and approximately 20-25% of the workforce teleworks at some frequency (according to learning solutions that support mobile learning are increasingly being seen as essential.

67% of organisations in the Towards Maturity sample now offer mobile learning in some form, but many struggle with getting the right content in place for this channel.

The options can seem bewildering. Should you build or buy for a start?

Then, if you’ve decided to buy off the shelf e-learning content, where can you find mobile content that really works on mobile devices?

On the other hand, if you’ve decided to build your own, what are the important design principles you should follow – and which is the best content authoring tool to use?

Because we know these are troublesome issues for many of our regular readers, we recently put together a webinar that brought together the key experts within Lumesse Learning on mobile content. Between them they span the key fields of knowledge about

  • OTS content for mobile
  • Learning design for mobile
  • Technology for mobile authoring

To watch a recording of this lively roundtable session  – click the link below.

Webinar: Mobile learning content. How to get it, how to build it ­– and how to make it fabulous

Lumesse Learning switches on new social channel

By Harriet Croxton

Having had Vimeo as the home to our video content for many years we are turning on an additional channel to give our audience wider access to our video content.

We recognise we’ve a long way to go before we reach the dizzy heights of YouTubers like PewDiePie and the Smosh boys and we apologise for the lack of cute kittens – however  for those of you interested in the latest news, thoughts, tricks and hacks from one of the leading learning and development vendors, it has everything you could wish for.

Our new channel can be found here and on it you’ll find:-

  • Insight videos: The latest thought leadership insights from industry leaders and the Lumesse Learning team
  • Lumesse Showreels: Showcasing Lumesse’s learning products and services
  • Webinars: Recordings of our webinars on products and thought leadership discussions

To give you a taster of what’s on offer take a look at our video on our Bespoke Learning Development. With over 10 years’ experience in creating award-winning learning content this offers a snapshot of some of the projects we’ve worked on for corporate and  public sector organisations worldwide.

And to make up for the lack of kitten videos, irrelevant cute kitten picture coming up.

Cute Kitten

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To Build or Not To Build? That is the question …

By Harriet Croxton

Signpost with build and buy directionsWhether ‘tis nobler in the mind to create your learning content from scratch or to buy it ‘off the shelf’ … This is a decision L&D departments face all the time. Sometimes the answer is obvious, and it needn’t be a Hamlet-like dilemma: if the content doesn’t exist at all in the public domain (e.g. if what you need is training about your latest product) then you are going to have to create it yourself. More often, however, it becomes a difficult decision, with a host of different factors to consider.

So to help you in making those thorny build-or-buy decisions, this post summarises the Pros and Cons of both routes.
Continue reading