Learning Portals


Today’s top learning portal companies understand that every learner is different. Customised learning portals provide an attractive, branded front-end to an LMS. They are much more than a shop window for learning and can be targeted to meet the needs of the organisation or specific business area. Many L&D professionals create customised learning portals for their online academies that continually evolve and bring together learning communities. In a dynamic business environment where people develop and companies change all the time, we help you change by ensuring that learners get the answers they need, on the topics they care about, every time they go to the portal.

Build unique personalised learning portals for each learner group in your organisation. Change and update learning portals in line with the development of your business. Create learner-centric portals based on usage patterns and statistics. When you make sure that every individual who uses your LMS can see what’s in it for them, great things happen.

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