Off-The-Shelf Learning (OTS)

Off-the-Shelf corporate learning resources

Why use Lumesse Off-The-Shelf Learning?

Our Off-The-Shelf Learning service gives access to a massive library of learning resources from the world’s leading providers of learning content.

  • One contact, one contract: We streamline the identification, testing, purchasing and deployment of high quality courses that develop almost any skill, and you only have one vendor to deal with.
  • More efficient selection: We already know the best Off-The-Shelf content available, so you don’t waste precious time, money and resources searching and evaluating multiple vendors’ products.
  • Faster deployment: Where an LMS is also required, content can be preloaded into Lumesse Learning Gateway, or into your own LMS and is available to distribute to your organisation quickly.
  • Better demand management and planning: Based on usage data we can provide learner insights to steer future activity, giving you efficiency gains and greater control.

Browse our partner network by subject area

These are not the only areas we provide training for – but they are certainly among the most popular!

Health & Safety

Lumesse partner with the world’s leading providers of Health & Safety content. Lumesse offer training on all topics from slips, trips and falls to Legionella’s awareness, the content is ready to go and available in multiple languages. Lumesse ensure global accreditations (IOSH/OSHA) are available for customers around the globe.

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Management & Leadership

Lumesse partner with the world’s leading providers of Management & Leadership content. All aspects of leadership from "how to transition into your first time management role" to "thinking like a CEO", management & leadership content available in multiple languages.

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Project Management

Lumesse partner with the world's leading provider in delivering Project Management certifications, we also have several courses on the subject and theory of Project Management.

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Finance content can be interpreted in a number of ways, at Lumesse we offer Compliance based content, as well as allowing companies to align with regulatory requirements, we can provide elearning to support all financial and banking departments and standards.

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Microsoft Applications

Microsoft applications are the most used programmes in the world, Lumesse partner(s) provide elearning in a variety of formats to help everyone from beginners to experts.

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Language Learning

Business today is ever more global, and business people are ever more mobile. Through our language learning partner we provide speedy access to more than 150 world languages – from Arabic to Zulu ­– including all the major world languages.

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