Learning analytics in the age of big data

By John Helmer

Graphic to illustrate Learning Analytics theme with graphs, etc. in a thought bubble What we can’t measure, we can’t manage, according to the business cliché. And suddenly, it seems we are able to measure a lot more than we could before: there has been an explosion in new data sources. So is this making businesses more manageable? It’s certainly having effects – in all parts of the enterprise, including learning. Learning analytics is becoming increasingly important for L&D. But do they know how to use the new learning analytics effectively?

Our latest Think Tank takes this as a subject, with a specific focus on how we can deploy actionable insights and analytics from data to fine-tune learning programmes.

As an introduction to the blog posts and reports that will come out of the Think Tank in the weeks and months to come, let’s take a look at this new data hoard, and the kinds of structured and unstructured data that are available to learning departments.

Highlights Report from the Think Tank is now available here 

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