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Issue four

Mind the digital gap

Welcome to the next issue of The Curve.


  • Carole Bower: Mind the digital gap
  • Peter Chadwick : Leading through digital disruption
  • Mike Rustici ‘Friction demotivates’
  • Adriana Hamacher: How to survive the robot revolution
  • Andreas Eracleous: Hi-vis your learning
  • Daniel Jiménez: 5 ways that blockchain will rock your world Learning

Special edition: Financial Services

  • Peter Yarrow: three things I know about learning
  • John Rogers: what works in leadership learning
  • Gary Spring: three things I know about Innovating in learning

Issue three

  • Roger Schank: 10 things I know about learning
  • Sam Watts: flipping racists in VR
  • Steve Rayson: 6 tips to make your learning clickbait
  • Tony Bartholomew: how UX took over the world

Issue two

  • Donald Clark, Nick Shackleton-Jones
  • AI, adaptive pathways, personalisation
  • The Uberisation of work

Issue one

  • Insights that drive learning campaigns
  • Clive Shepherd
  • Storytelling in learning