Webinar: Learning in the Line: L&D, line managers & the self-directed learner

The shift in learner behaviour towards self-directed learning is now well established.

Analysts agree that it has far-reaching implications for L&D – one of the more immediate effects of which is to foreground the role of line managers in supporting self-directed learners.

This raises the question of how L&D can, in turn, best support these managers.

In today’s data-driven organisations, data obviously has an important part to play in this conversation; but L&D has not historically been good at communicating in this way with the business.

This webinar session brings together top Lumesse experts in learning:

Carole Bower, Head of Solutions Photo of Carole Bower



Duncan Barrett, Head of Products Duncan Barrett



Together they will explore:

  • What are the key understandings and capabilities L&D needs to grow in order to make these conversations and working links more fruitful?
  • Using two pieces of original research we have sponsored this year we will explore these issues and describe how learning platforms are developing to help meet these emerging needs.

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