Automating CV screening results in 15% more women hired

By Harriet Croxton July 31, 2016

Business man and woman at a window togetherA professional services organisation that implemented an automated CV screening process to handle the 250,000 job applications they received every year were worried that the automation might undermine their efforts to achieve a healthy gender balance. In fact, the opposite happened. The number of women who successfully passed through the automated process increased by 15% compared to the manual process.

This and other revelations were reported in a recent article from McKinsey, People analytics reveals three things HR may be getting wrong.

Advances in data analysis are helping organisations identify, onboard and reward the best talent, however when analysing this data the results observed are often counter to expectations.

Another of the observations in the report centres on an Asian bank that turned to data analytics to identify talent and gain more insight into what makes their employees perform. The data analysis challenged their assumptions about where the best talent comes from and, when a number of other data points were thrown into the mix, revealed a completely different profile for employees that are the most likely to succeed in their role. Rather than the usual indicators for success they showed that employees who had carried out specific roles in the organisation could also correlate to future highfliers.

In another case study, a US insurer with a high churn rate was throwing money at compensation plans to get managers to stay. When they sat back and decided to analyse the profiles of at risk workers, key information came to light. They uncovered that employees in smaller teams, with underperforming managers and with long periods between promotions were most at risk. They took this new information and diverted money previously used for compensation to the development of those staff and managers – the result; both performance and attrition rates improved with extra money left over to boot.

It seems that data analysis can provide a fairer more impactful result when it comes to recruitment and talent management – and is cost effective too.

It was the result in our headline about how automation favoured women applicants that particularly caught our eye however.

We recently held a Think Tank dinner where we held a facilitated discussion on Women in Leadership. We invited women working in HR and L&D from a wide spectrum of organisations and debated all areas of women in the workplace.  Gender diversity and recruitment was of course one of the key topics  up for debate; with one guest sharing that their organisation had seen a similar increase in the amount of women getting through their screening process when all names and gender had been removed from their CVs.

Lots of other interesting stuff came out of this discussion so if you’d like to review the full report, Creating 21st Century Female Leaders, then you can download it here.

Lumesse learning have helped many organisations develop their leaders, both male and female so if you would like to talk to us about our work in this area then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01273 829700 or

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