Blended learning book features Lumesse work for Vodafone

By John Helmer February 11, 2015

We’re always pleased when Clive Shepherd publishes a new book. His is one of the clearest and wisest voices in learning, and he always gives good practical advice. But we’re especially thrilled at the publication of his latest: More Than Blended Learning, because it contains a detailed case study of the award-winning programme Lumesse Learning helped to create for Vodafone.

You can find out more about the book on the dedicated website and also watch a video of Mohsin Ghafoor, Group Commercial Learning Lead at Vodafone, taking about the programme, which was focused on developing the Group’s marketing capability globally.

Our contribution to the blended programme is described in the book as ‘definitely not your standard e-learning … it was fun, engaging, and not your standard “click, click” and “how soon can I get through this?” It has lots of colour, it’s low on text and has video embedded. It’s enriched with tools and templates, so very practically focused …’

But this is more than just a book launch. More Than Blended Learning is also a company formed to promote the ‘More Than’ approach described in the book to blended learning best practices, and support organisations around the world looking to adopt its principles. We wish everyone involved the best of luck – and a big thank-you for saying such nice things about our work!

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