The year the dam broke: thoughts from ELN Connect 2018

By John Helmer November 29, 2018

‘2018 was the year the dam broke in terms of technology’, said Toby Harris, Vice Chair, introducing the ELN Connect 2018 conference in London. SCORM is on the way out, ‘click-next’ elearning is history, learning professionals are turning their minds to producing quality live experiences instead, with use of new technologies such as VR growing. Developments in natural language processing, …

Have learning experiences sold their soul in the name of gamification?

By Simon Rupniak November 20, 2018

From fintech to dating, game mechanics are being used to engage, motivate and hold on to your attention. Gamification is everywhere and it’s no surprise that gamification is a persistent term in digital learning too. But as a bit of a gamer myself, I can’t help but think many games for learning are missing something. I think I know what it …

10 reasons why inclusive design is good design

By Cat Oxley August 13, 2018

People won’t always say this out loud, but there’s a lurking assumption that making learning content more accessible is going to mean making it less beautiful. Obviously you want to make your content work for the widest and most diverse audience of learners. But does that necessarily mean a compromise on aesthetics? I say no. And luckily for me, all the best …

What can an architect tell us about learning design?

By Carole Bower May 30, 2018

Chris Hildrey is an inspirational young architect who uses design thinking to address real-world problems like homelessness. We met up with him during his stint as a designer in residence at the Design Museum, London. Following an excellent presentation Chris gave at our Lumesse Learning kick off held at the Design Museum earlier this year, we invited him to run a …

Design Thinking and Learning

By Simon Rupniak February 14, 2018

I’m on my way back from the annual Lumesse Kick-Off, an event for internal staff that runs on the day after our awesome public event, the Learning Lounge. Highlights of the public event are available on our website, but I wanted to share some insights from a talk on applied design thinking that wasn’t in the public programme, simply because …

How UX took over the world

By Tony Bartholomew February 21, 2017

… And why beauty and pleasure are the new starting points for learning design