The Studio

Once upon a time …

… it was all about the course. Now it’s not. Learning content comes in all shapes and sizes, in a huge variety of formats. It’s accessed through a growing range of devices and ‘things’. Meanwhile traditional media like print aren’t disappearing entirely anytime soon.

You need a really versatile delivery partner to handle all this. Luckily, you’ve got one.


It’s design by imagination

I love it!

Award-winning custom content from learning experts

Your people are highly specialised individuals and the problems you have to solve unique to your organisation. So we come with a blank sheet of paper ­– but never a blank mind.

In our Studio you’ll find a wealth of experience and creativity unmatched in the industry; a creative powerhouse at the top of its game for over two decades.

You’ll find a rich mix of skills and capabilities both creative and technological (see Makers); knowledge and energy that is constantly being refreshed by outreach and partnerships with the hottest new tech start-ups from our community.

You always make me think differently


At a glance

Huge and versatile range of solutions. Video, interactive video, games, apps, infographics, pdfs, posters, job aids, work books … and the list is growing all the time.

Innovation through insights. We innovate with you through applying design thinking to your toughest problems, bringing external and internal insights to bear.

Comms and performance support. Informed by developments in neuroscience and the psychology of behaviour change, we help engage your audience at the level of its most fundamental feelings and beliefs.  

Excellent translations capability. Designing for global audiences is one of Lumesse’s key strengths. You’re a global organisation and so are we.

Insight Sheet

Download our briefing sheet to learn more about our bespoke digital learning solutions.

PDF for bespoke digital learning offering

The only show in town!

Robust engagement and design methodologies

Accessibility. Today’s inclusive organisations need to draw on the widest possible labour pool and customer base, and we work with clients to achieve high standards of accessibility for the work from our Studio.  

ISO 9001:2008. Recent ISO Feedback: ‘data from all sources … is aggressively interrogated [and] clearly demonstrates a quality focused organisation.’