Lounge Talks:

Lounge Talks from Learning Lounge 2019


Not your usual suspects…

We were delighted to welcome a variety of speakers along to this year's Learning Lounge who spoke about various topics from voice technology, neuroscience, design thinking and more.

  • Frank Radice, Dr Susan Amat, Alexandra Isenegger, Joysy John: panel discussion on The Entrepreneurial Learner
  • Jonah Goldstein, Sodexo on Influencing Culture and Behaviours in Care Services
  • Carole Bower, Charlotte Hills, Dr Ali Asadipour, Rachel Carey, Doron Wijker: panel discussion on The Learning Brain: How our New Understanding of How Brains Work is Changing Learning Theory
  • Peter Manniche Riber & Carl Crisostomo play Buzzword Bingo!
  • Marc Ortmans, Chris Hildrey, Georgia Sanderson-Nash, Dr Jamie Brassett, Simon Rupniak: panel discussion on Design thinking: How to Think Your Way out of a Paper Bag
  • Gavin McQuillan, Royal Bank of Scotland on L&D the RBS Perspective
  • Kane Simms, Laura Morinigo, Gavin Fletcher: panel discussion on Voice Technologies and Learning

You can now catch up on any talks you missed or watch your favourite ones again.

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