Does your elearning authoring tool do this? CourseBuilder update vlog

By Harriet Croxton November 22, 2016

cb-update-webinar-v2Studies indicate that about one fifth (20%) of the population has some kind of disability. The number of disabled users in the workforce is rising in the UK, and more and more organisations now have positive policies on accessibility for digital learning materials.

One key area is providing support for the visually impaired; making it easier for them to use screen-readers and other aids. Every employer needs to ensure that online learning resources carry all the relevant accessibility features.

Improved support for accessibility standards is a headline item among a slew of new improvements we have made to CourseBuilder, our cloud-based authoring tool for teams. These also include a new multi-language document store (sexier than it sounds!) and other upgrades to functionality and user interface.

Watch the video below for a rundown of the new features. Our CourseBuilder champion, Sven explains all!

[iframe src=”″ width=”640″ height=”360″ ]

If you’re are a current user of CourseBuilder, you’ll surely want to take a look – but if you haven’t yet tried it out, you might want to see some of the new things you can do with this powerful elearning authoring tool.

And if you fancy trying it out …

Why not give it a whirl, Shirl? We’re offering a free 30-day trial for up to 5 of your team.

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