Explainers for learning – infographic

By John Helmer November 18, 2015

Explainers for learningExplainers are catching on like wildfire right across the business world. As production, hosting and sharing of video has become faster, easier and slicker, organisations have increasingly tapped into the power of video for getting across ideas, procedures, concepts … and a whole load of other things besides. What once we might have done with text, or by using powerpoint in a face to face briefing session, we can now wrap up in an online video, and deliver directly to people’s desktop computers or mobile devices.

And because video is a big part of the way we learn now, explainers are rapidly becoming seen as a powerful tool for learning. Learning and development professionals who need to move beyond the course and harness the power of electronic media are using explainers in a variety of ways. Not only can they make a simple message hit home with impact and emotion in as little as 45 seconds, bu t they can also be used to explain more complicated concepts and processes where a change in attitudes and behaviour are needed.

So how can you use explainers for learning? Our helpful and instructive infographic shows at a glance how you can use this hot new medium to support your learners and your business.

Click on the image below to learn more!

Thumbnail image of explainer infographic


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