The Curve


because we’re all on a learning curve.
on this white-knuckle ride that is digital learning.
let the curve be your guide.


Curve Issue 6

The New Realities of Workplace Learning

Issue 6 takes a look at 'The New Realities of Workplace Learning'.  Think AR, VR, AI and more...

With contributions from:

Adriana Hamacher: Learning's New Realities.
How can whole-body experiences, immersive tech, VR, AR and MR help learners navigate knowledge in context-specific, realistic ways suited to them?

Peter Williams: Is Your Learning Culture the Real Deal?
Including 5 signs you might have a non-learning culture.

Dominic Robson:
interaction designer and director of creative technology studio Harmonic Kinetic, shares his thoughts about interaction design and why it matters.

Cheryl Clemons: 5 Ways to Make Digital Learning More Human

David Lockie: 6 Tech Trends You Should be Tracking in 2018.
In the past few years, technological innovation has radically changed the world around us. But what will 2018 have in store for us?

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