Learn how to leverage the skills of your new Millennials

By Harriet Croxton September 14, 2015

New employees in a waiting roomSeptember is a month when many of us will be sending children back to school, or waving them off to college and university – while for organisations it is a time to welcome a new intake of first jobbers and graduate trainees, among whom will doubtless be the dynamic leaders of the future.

We’ve been studying Millennials and their behavior a lot over the past months and talking to industry experts on their thoughts on how to lead them. What’s emerged from our conversations has been quite a surprise. We were expecting to hear that they are cosseted, entitled narcissists who shirk responsibility but we have learned is that this is not really the case. They are not really that different from generations before.

So what is different?

The main difference comes with their use of technology and the way they communicate. The modern millennials communicate in a lateral, collaborative way, using social media and similar tools to share ideas. They are used to reaching out to a network and asking opinions; their whole decision making process is more collaborative.

New research shows that organisations are failing to capitalise on the unique capabilities possessed by this rising generation, now the largest generational cohort in the workforce. They are missing out and not making the most of technology and its ability to facilitate collaborative communication.

We decided to explore this topic further in a webinar titled, Leverage the unique skills of your millennial leaders, which you can listen to at the link below.

You will hear leadership expert Jennifer Deal, senior research scientist at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL©) in San Diego, California, share unique insights on Millennials from her upcoming book. Prepare for some myth busting!

Then Carole Bower, Head of Learning Solutions at Lumesse, gives you ten tips for leveraging your Millennial leaders’ unique skills.

Leverage the unique skills of your millennial leaders

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