Managers push professional development in 2015

By John Helmer January 12, 2015

As we diet, detox and generally steel ourselves to face the challenges of the new year, here’s an interesting infographic from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to chew on (scroll down). A poll of over 1,200 UK managers reveals that developing their professional skills and those of their team are the top two resolutions of managers for the new year.

Managers' Top 10 resolutions for the New Year

Typically, the impetus behind a new year’s resolution fades faster than a ski tan (surely, health clubs must make a lot of their margin from year-long gym memberships purchased in January and forgotten about by March!). The question this survey begs is how to turn the good intention into a reality, against a background of shrinking L&D budgets and lean operating practices that make it harder than ever to divert employee time away from mainstream activities for learning.

A recent programme we developed for a mobile phone operator addressed just this challenge. And nailed it. The programme won major awards, but more to the point caught on like wildfire among the target staff (marketing professionals) and made a tangible improvement in performance across the organisation.

The secret was that it didn’t attempt to be a ‘course’ in the traditional sense. We combined video ‘explainers’ with a portal and face-to-face motivational events to make the most efficient use of employee time. Learners were engaged, and empowered to be bit more self-directed about how they used the knowledge resources on offer to up their game. They loved it.

We’re running an event about this programme in February – a must for CMOs with global teams to develop, but of relevance also for anyone who needs to develop professional skills across a dispersed organisation in the most efficient and effective way.

Let us know if you’d like more details of that event – or if you’d like to talk to us about your own professional development issues. January resolutions might give you the ‘what’, but your problem then for the next quarter is to work out the ‘how’. At Lumesse, we’re all about the ‘how’!

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