Millennials: learning is their bae* 

By John Helmer May 29, 2015

The publication each year of Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends report is always an event. It’s been running for 20 years, is highly authoritative, and comes stuffed with information and stats useful to anyone who uses digital technology in the organisational context (here’s a digest from Techcrunch of the 2015 report).

One thing that particularly caught our eye this year was her findings on Millennials.

According to Meeker, Millennials are now the largest generation in the US workforce, and so are now ready to drive the economy – and it is interesting to see that their most valued benefit from an employer is training and development. This comes above cash bonuses, free healthcare, pensions or company cars. They also highly prize flexible working arrangements and are – surprise, surprise – tech savvy.

slide showing Millennials value training & development

We’ve been doing our own research into millennials, with particular regard to how they like to learn, and how they use technology in their learning.

You can watch the webcast here:

INSPIRE series – Millennials: How will the next generation of employees learn?

*slang note: ‘bae’ stands for ‘before anyone else’.

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