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Follow these 7 steps to get your learning content future fit!

With the announcement from Adobe on the retirement of Flash in 2020, you might now be wondering how to update a large catalogue of  legacy content to HTML5.

Big Headache. But done right, less of a headache than an opportunity.

Converting gives the chance to:

  • Streamline your catalogue based on a logical process of decision-making
  • Upgrade your most relevant resources for multi-device access

We have written a handy guide to help you through. Our simple, no-nonsense process lays out your key decisions and helps you meet your aim of providing relevant content that is optimised for all devices ­– desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Complete the form to download our practical, step-by-step guide to help you convert your Flash-based content – while controlling costs and workload.

Our recommended tool for Flash conversion is our own, CourseBuilder. Learn more about CourseBuilder here.

Download your PDF copy now!