Share your experiences of building skills across geographically dispersed teams

By Chris Lund March 11, 2015

Our new collaborative research programme is nailing the challenges of building skills across geographically dispersed teams.

When it comes to explaining the big challenges that L&D professionals need to face up to today, it seems like everyone’s an expert. Clear advice on what we need to do to overcome these challenges is much harder to come by. That’s why our new “Challenges of building skills in geographically dispersed teams” programme is asking you to share your own experiences and insights.

Over the next few weeks we’re asking L&D professionals just like you, to tell us about the real changes you’re making as learning in the workplace adapts to the new business environment. Presented in isolation these changes may seem small and insignificant. But distilled down and delivered as one cohesive study, these small changes promise to power the L&D programmes we need to support the geographically distributed, highly collaborative, always on-the-go workforce that new business success depends on.

Taking part is easy

We’ve created a seven-minute anonymous questionnaire that we’d like you to complete. If you’d like an advance copy of the report you help us create, just leave your name and email at the end of the survey. We’ll put you on the VIP list and make sure you receive your copy of the findings as soon as they are available.

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