Why we support Towards Maturity’s benchmark

By John Helmer June 10, 2015

Towards Maturity benchmark bannerTowards Maturity opened its annual benchmark this month, and as keen supporters of the organisation, we urge all our clients and other readers of this blog to take part.

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The learning industry – or at least the part of it driven by technology-enabled innovation – exhibits many classic characteristics of an emerging market, one of which is a lack of analyst oversight. To put it simply, there are no hard and fast established rules for which strategies will yield successful results and no established authorities – and reliable best practice advice is hard to come by.

Given this situation, the service provided by Towards Maturity is unique and highly valuable. Those who join the benchmark can see not only where they stand in maturity terms compared to theirs peers, but also get practical advice on how to up their game, and a lot of information about what other organisations are doing that has has had positive business results.

The strength of Towards Maturity’s operation, now in its 12th year, is shown by how it has been embraced not only by practitioners but by the vendor community as well, in its successful Ambassador Programme, of which Lumesse is an active member.

At Lumesse we’re all about service, and we recognise that the best work we do comes out of forging strong, collaborative partnership with clients. We work hard to keep our own knowledge and expertise up to the mark, and we know our client partnerships are strongest where the client teams we work with are also on a journey to constantly improve their own knowledge and skills. Benchmarking is an essential tool for doing this.

We commend the work of Towards Maturity, and look forward to seeing the report that will come out of this year’s benchmark in the Autumn.

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