Think like a marketer to engage your learners with curated content

By Harriet Croxton July 29, 2015

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This article, Ten Great Ideas for Valuable Curated Content from Hubspot, one of the leading global suppliers of Marketing Automation software, caught my eye as curation is a topic we’ve been talking about quite a bit lately in relation to learning content.

Marketers, as a breed, are inherently very good at this sort of thing; good internet users, good researchers, good sharers.  What can L&D professionals learn from them?
In most organisations learning and development has in the past been ‘all about the push’. Traditional courses and other learning content is created and has generally been pushed out to users from an LMS or via other marketing efforts. However, we know that much of the learning that takes place these days is on-the-job, experiential learning and as learners we are becoming very much more used to finding the answers to our questions in a more social and experiential way. L&D needs to encourage this type of learning and curate content for its learners to then explore for themselves.

For instance, an L&D department might act as curator to put together the best-of-breed thinking on leadership or management from the top business schools. As HubSpot discuss in this article, the types of content can be very varied. It might take the form of a series of quotations from highly respected professionals; or a collection of presentations accessed on Slideshare or a similar website; or a collection of industry case studies, all of which can be very valuable sources of learning. It’s the locating and pulling together of this content where the L&D professional can add real value.

Generally there are a lot of similarities with Marketing and L&D departments, after all they are both trying to change the behaviour of their audience, however I feel there is a lot that L&D can still learn from marketing. Curating learning content for learners is a skill most L&D departments should be trying to embrace, after all, what better way to tap into the huge amount of valuable content available on the internet, without reinventing the wheel.

If you are an L&D department thinking of increasing the amount of curated content you make available to your learners then you may wish to read an article we wrote recently which will give you some guidance on how to do this effectively. Read the Six Skills of Learning Curation.


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