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With a plethora of fantastic contributors from a wide-range of industries and backgrounds we’ve explored our archives and resurfaced our most popular blogs and reports.

the curve

This year, we brought you the all-new, redesigned and extended Curve magazine with 55+ pages of the brightest new thinking in learning. Catch up on this years issues ......

Curve8: the new learner

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Curve7: the new organisation

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Curve6: the new workplace

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best blogs of 2018

the six key skills of learning curation

Learning Curation
Curation is the new skillset learning and development professionals have to master. It is made up of six key skills that we will cover in this post.

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what motivates self-directed learners?

What motivates you? Is it money, purpose, or something else? Without motivation, learning is rarely effective, so how do we motivate learners in the first instance?

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the rise of the learning ecosystem

Learning EcoSystem
We’re in the world of the learning ecosystem now. The learning ecosystem is a logic that allows for agility in this ever changing digital world.

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Why inclusive design is good design

There's an assumption that making learning content more accessible is going to mean making it less beautiful. You want to make your content work for the most diverse audience but does this mean a compromise on aesthetics? I say no. And luckily for me, all the best authorities on design agree. Here’s why.

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diversity & inclusion: what's the difference?

It is perfectly possible to have a diverse enterprise. But that does not mean your business will be inclusive. They may be close cousins, but they are not identical. So what is the difference? Diversity is about the mix you have in your workplace, while inclusion is about making that mix work.

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the future of work: good news is hard to find

70% of people are currently in jobs that have an uncertain future. This might sound unsettling, but it doesn’t mean these jobs will necessarily disappear. Roles could adapt to future demand through occupation redesign and training, and new jobs will be created which are already being minted as we speak.

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invisible l&D

learning in the age of invisible l&D

Changing times are transforming learning departments, but what does this mean for those working in L&D?

Perhaps the change we’re looking at for L&D is to become part of the infrastructure – in people’s faces like never before, but at the same time unremarked; offering frictionless, instant access to learning resources and experiences.

Discover the changing visibility of L&D, what changes (if any) need to be made and whether learning technologies are fit for purpose...

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Invisible L&D

people power

People Power

Creating people-centred solutions for self-directed learners

Self-directed learners, seen as the key to future competitiveness in an uncertain world, are a growing area of focus for L&D departments. 

This report looks into how organisations can embrace and respond to this growing trend. We highlight three key focus areas that need to be kept top-of-mind to design effective, people-centred solutions – and offer 10 practical steps for supporting self-directed learners.

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flash conversion

your 7-step guide to converting learning content into html5

With the announcement from Adobe on the retirement of Flash in 2020, you might now be wondering how to update a large catalogue of  legacy content to HTML5.

Big Headache. But done right, less of a headache than an opportunity.

We have written a handy guide to help you through. Our simple, no-nonsense process lays out your key decisions and helps you meet your aim of providing relevant content that is optimised for all devices ­– desktop, tablet and smartphone.

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